Thursday, September 20, 2012

How-to: Fix iOS6 App Store not loading

Like many others I was not so much excited but very curious to get my hands on Apple's new iOS 6 update.  One feature that I was particularly interested in trying was the Passbook app to keep track of things like boarding passes, loyalty cards, etc.  When I started up the app I was greeted with a button inviting me to go to the App Store (you need to download apps that integrate with Passbook).  Once in App Store I was greeted by an error message telling me that my phone cannot connect to the App Store.  Huh?  How'd Apple let this get out the door?

After playing with the phone a little more I noticed that every time I opened App Store app I got the same message about not being able to connect to the App Store.  Once the app was started I could navigate the Featured, Charts, etc. links but the initial error message always (and annoyingly) popped up.

Turns out this is a common error that people are experiencing and the discussion boards at are all atwitter.  While the solution below may seem bizarre it does seem to do the trick.  The nature of the solution suggests to me there is some kind of certificate issue at play but the details of that don't really matter.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Date and Time and turn OFF "Set Automatically"
  2. Set the date 2 or more years into the future
  3. Go back into the App Store app where you will get the same error message.  No matter.
  4. Go back into Settings -> General -> Date and Time and turn "Set Automatically" back ON
Now you should be able to successfully launch the App Store app without the error message.  You will likely get a message about a certificate not being recognized or being out of date.  Just touch the Continue button when that comes up.