Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

Twice in one day I've come across this popular meme.  So I thought I'd give it a whirl and offer you 25 random things about me.
  1. I am husband to Annette and father to G, N, and A.  They are the driving forces in my life.
  2. Professionally, I spend my time managing software development and technical organizations.  I have a secret desire to one day return to my software developer roots.
  3. One day I would like to write a book.  Fiction or non-fiction - it doesn't matter to me.
  4. I am a wild fan of Prince and own just about everything he's ever released plus a bunch of stuff he's never officially released.  I feel vaguely embarrassed by this.
  5. I take to heart my mother's lesson that there is always at least one other way to look at every situation.  And often more than one.
  6. I'm a Mac.
  7. I am a born again naturalist with Roman Catholic roots.
  8. For over 25 years now I have had recurring visions of dying in a large explosion.  This doesn't frighten me but it does get rather repetitive.
  9. I have an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.  I also have a minor in Psychology.
  10. The Liberal Party is for me.
  11. My brother is developmentally handicapped and lives at home with my parents.  Every time I'm with him he makes me feel like we're kids again.  I love it!
  12. I am the prototypical geek: science fiction, comic books, table top games, gadgets, computers, toys, action figures, ...
  13. I think Cormac McCarthy is America's greatest gift to the world. 
  14. I grew up with a card playing extended family.  I get a rich feeling of nostalgia now whenever I play a game of cards.
  15. My sister flies on wings of freedom and currently seeks her fortune in PEI.  I admire her so much more than she knows.
  16. I have a distant cousin who is an accomplished opera singer in Holland.  Isn't that weird?
  17. Starbuck's Caffe Verona is the best way to start a day.
  18. I'm very proud of my kids and their diverse interests: photography and visual arts, computers, hockey, reading, film, history, fashion, ancient weaponry, chess, ...
  19. Charles Stross' idea of a "venture altruist" really appeals to me.  If only we could pull it off for real!
  20. I am the author and curator of the Infocom Fan Site (in continuous operation since 1995 -- thank you UWO!).
  21. My father is the hardest working person I know.  Why is it that our fathers always seem to work so much harder than we do?  If my kids work less than me they're in big trouble!
  22. Philosophy and science of the human mind fascinate me.
  23. I'm a genius at starting projects but mostly don't follow through.  This troubles me greatly.
  24. Single malt scotch and dark chocolate make the best bed time snack.  
  25. I'm afraid that I'll never amount to anything important when I grow up.