Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Harold

I thought it might be nice to kick off my blog by welcoming new life to our family. Sometime during the night before last, Avery welcomed Harold and his siblings to our family. Harold and siblings (who are, incidentally, also named Harold) are newly hatched Triops. Triops are small, three-eyed, many-legged crustaceans who have been around on earth for a couple of hundred million years in their current form. If you're around my age you may also know them as Sea Monkeys.

The Harolds currently resemble pale specks of dust with tails but will eventually reach 6cm in size and form a nice hard shell. They look a bit like a horseshoe crab. I haven't told my mother about them yet but I'm sure she won't mind when she's up next week to look after the kids while Annette and I are away.