Monday, March 19, 2012

How-to: Use an external display with an iPad (UPDATE)

In a previous article I described ​how to get your iPad to display on a screen or projector.  The most promising method was to use an Apple TV device to receive your iPad screen output.  However, because the Apple TV does not support WPA2 enterprise, the type of wireless security most often used at corporations and university campuses, this option was off the table for those who might want to most use it.  It occurred to me after writing the original article that one way to get around this limitation is to create your own wireless network using a portable router like Apple's Airport Express or the Asus WL-330N3G. 

At a high level, here's what you need to do.
  1. Configure the Airport Express to create your own wireless network ("Air Lecture", for example).  I recommend configuring wireless security as well so select WPA2 (Personal) and enter a password that you will remember.  Now whenever you plug the AirPort express into a wall socket it will create the "Air Lecture" wireless network.
  2. The Apple TV and iPad should now see the "Air Lecture" wireless network.  Configure both devices to join "Air Lecture" entering your wireless security password in each device.
  3. Now that both the Apple TV and the iPad are on the same wireless network you can use AirPlay (as described previously) to display your video-enabled app or your entire iPad interface (depending on the type of iPad you have).

Once the components are configured you can just plug everything in before you start a meeting or a class and you can wander around presenting your content from your iPad.  Here's what it'll cost you (Canadian $):
  1. Apple iPad 16M Wifi base model - $519
  2. Airport Express - $99
  3. Apple TV - $109

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Days Experiment

Starting March 7th between 4-4:30pm Eastern I'm going to begin an experiment on Twitter.  Every day for 100 days straight I'm going to tweet a Leonard Cohen song lyric.  Not just any lyric will do though.  There must be rules for this kind of thing.

The Rules

  • Duration: 100 days straight (no gaps)
  • Timing: tweets will be sent around the same time every day
  • Focus: same songwriter (no intermixing songwriters)
  • Writers only: doesn't matter who performs the song
  • No titles: lyric cannot contain the song title or any significant words from the song title
  • Significance: lyric should have some poetic, lyrical, political, or social significance
  • Simplicity: lyric is presented by itself without commentary, quotes, or other affectations
  • Accurate: lyric is presented exactly as the writer wrote it without paraphrasing or tweet hacking
  • Hashtagged: only allowable embellishment is the hashtag of #100daysofcohen 
  • Retweetable: maximum length of tweet including hashtag should be around 125 so that it can be easily retweeted
  • Breadth: As much as possible the collection should cover the breadth of the songwriter's career rather than just one period