Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Days Experiment

Starting March 7th between 4-4:30pm Eastern I'm going to begin an experiment on Twitter.  Every day for 100 days straight I'm going to tweet a Leonard Cohen song lyric.  Not just any lyric will do though.  There must be rules for this kind of thing.

The Rules

  • Duration: 100 days straight (no gaps)
  • Timing: tweets will be sent around the same time every day
  • Focus: same songwriter (no intermixing songwriters)
  • Writers only: doesn't matter who performs the song
  • No titles: lyric cannot contain the song title or any significant words from the song title
  • Significance: lyric should have some poetic, lyrical, political, or social significance
  • Simplicity: lyric is presented by itself without commentary, quotes, or other affectations
  • Accurate: lyric is presented exactly as the writer wrote it without paraphrasing or tweet hacking
  • Hashtagged: only allowable embellishment is the hashtag of #100daysofcohen 
  • Retweetable: maximum length of tweet including hashtag should be around 125 so that it can be easily retweeted
  • Breadth: As much as possible the collection should cover the breadth of the songwriter's career rather than just one period


Kevin Hendry said...

Great. But an experiment needs a hypothesis to attempt to prove or disprove. What's the hypothesis in this case?

Bethea said...

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